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Passionate, loving overnight care with 24/7 supervision for dogs.


As dog lovers, we know the kind of joy dogs bring to our lives. Past studies have proven that dogs make great companions, decrease stress, reduce anxiety, lower blood pressure, improve fitness, the list goes on. Research has also shown that music has potentially the same therapeutic benefits. Put the two together and you've got The Hound Lounge. And let's face it; Life without music and dogs would be a mistake.

24 Hour Supervised Care


Pet-Safe Disenfectant

Therapeutic Music

2,000+ sq ft of Playroom

Fenced-In Outdoor Area

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We are proud to be certified by the International Boarding & Pet Services Association. . We are also we are certified by the Red Cross in Pet CPR and First Aid. Robin is also a certified canine pet care technician.

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About Us
Robin Thompson - Owner, Registered Nurse, Dog Lover
Matt Springer - Owner, Farmer and Rancher, Dog Walker-extraordinaire

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The Hound Lounge
520 6th Street
Havre, MT 59501

(406) 265-9646

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